Dandelions Card



Dandelions Card by Julian Williams

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The Common Dandelion Taraxacum officinalis

The Dandelion got its name from the French who call the plant “Dent de Lion” (Lions Tooth) because it has toothed leaves. Another aspect of the plant is celebrated in its scientific name taraxacum which roughly translates as “remedy for disorder” after the plant’s reputation to aid digestion and cleanse the body. The English had a vulgar name “Pissy Bed” because they thought even touching a Dandelion was enough to make you wet your bed.
Romantics likened the flowers to the sun as the large yellow blooms open as the sun rises and close as the sun sets. They also said that the seeded blow-balls that hover above the grass on long stalks resembled the moon and the parachute tufted seeds that drift in the breeze resembled rivers of stars.
Children call the seed heads “Tell Time”, “Blow Ball” and “Face Clock”

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