Cards and Gifts for Bird Watchers

These cards and gifts have special features that make them suitable for bird watcher. For instance we have chosen birds that visit the bird table. On the back of the cards we have written descriptions about the ecology and folk law associated with the birds. Read in our blog about how they were designed .

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Showing all 11 results

you might also like to look at the butterfly cards in the Nature Notes series

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Showing all 11 results

We have divided our ornithological ranges of cards and gifts into section. These are the links to focus your “ideas for bird watchers” searches.

Ideas for Ornithologists (Coloured Ceramics)

In the coloured cards and ceramics link above you will find how to purchase our coloured bone china mugs and bowls.

The ceramics are packed in gift boxes

Sparrows & Blossom Bowl
KBMB29 Sparrows and Blossom by Julian Williams

Ideas for Bird Watchers (Greeting Cards)

We have a good selection of cards featuring many of the garden birds that are attracted to the bird table. Again these will be found using the coloured cards and ceramics link

Our cards are especially interesting as they include a text description of the birds ecology on the back, and information about the bird’s folk names and folk law

Another stationery item are our memo pads for shopping list or to put beside the telephone.

Blossom Memo Pad
SMPJ2 Sparrows & Cherry Blossom Memo Pad by Julian Williams

Bespoke Ideas for Birdwatchers (Made to Order Products)

Bespoke products have to be made to order at our factories in Staffordshire. For this reason they will take a few weeks to make and there are minimum order value requirements

WE have ranges of blue and white birds which can be put on to a selection of whites; Bowls of various sizes, different mug shapes and tiles or cork backed ceramic coasters. For instance thee swans are put on to a variety of objects and they make a set.

ideas for bird watchers
Swans on Bone China Bowls and mugs

Our new bespoke services will allow us to provide a much wider range of products – like this set of seven tall mugs each with a different bird

Ideas for Bird watchers

We will even be able to make dinner service.

We have not altogether worked out how to display such a wide variety of options on the website, or how to make it easy for customers to put their choice of objects together. We have opened a bespoke section on the website where all the options can be seen.

Bespoke Options

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