Titles Competition 2020 November

This competition has been a big success. We discovered which cards the public like best and gained many new titles that will improve the selling potential of the cards in the shops.

We hope everyone enjoyed entering and that the social aspect of the competition was improved by being able to see what other ideas people had. Before the next competition we will be improving the star rating system so it is more user friendly. To stop spammers we have reverted to the registered users log-in mode for further comments.

It is sometimes difficult to get the artists to move from their original titles. Others are not used because restrict they would restrict the use of the card although they are funny and fit the card better than the first given title. Sometimes a broader less interesting title is the right commercial decision.

There were about 400 comments and entries and four winners

The Winners (£50 each to spend on www.twobadmice.com)

  • Al Fresco – Josh H
  • Fair Lady – JM Perez
  • Moonlight Picnic – Lizzie
  • Sky’s the Limit – Moira Ashley