Themes – Splash Backs

This a new section of Two Bad Mice products. We have a big selection of tiles that can be arranged in a wide variety of different ways from which to design your own splash backs for your Kitchens and Bathrooms. most of these order are bespoke and will take sevearal weeks to make.

Rabbit Splashback by Anita Jeram
Ceramics for birdwatchers
Blue and White Patterned Splashback

Using our bespoke services you can now creates unique splash backs from our wide variety of tiles. It might take you a while to look through all the options

Anita Jeram Chef Splashback
Anita Jeram’s Complete Chef Splashback

For those that wish to keep their cost down we recommend you scatter few tiles scattered on a white background

The opportunities are endless. To help you nail down the design that will suit you best we have come up with some options