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Card Bands – plastic free packaging

For as long as we have been in the card business cellowrap has been the standard way of keeping the cards clean. In recent months there has been a lot of publicity about the problems of plastic in the environment, and this has led to many requests that we supply our cards “naked” the term our industry use for cards that are not packed in a cellobag. Looking around we found there were no satisfactory methods to holding the cards, envelopes and address labels together, so we set out to find a solution.

We have come up with the idea of using translucent bands of paper. The straps pull tightly around the cards and held firmly by a peel and seal glue pad.

The bands are narrowest on the front of the cards, and are nearly invisible when looking at the cards in the display racks.

The straps are wider on the back of the cards, allowing us to add extra space for information such as pricing, bar codes and our company logo

The straps do not keep the cards clean like cellobags do, and we are not expecting the smaller independent shops to adopt our new method of presenting naked cards very fast. However we do believe we have found a more elegant solution to presenting naked cards and in coming months you will see other companies adopting this green method we have invented.

Another advantage we had not anticipated is that the bands are so much easier to remove and discard. Opening and extracting cards from bags, and then sorting them in the waste, is actually quite a chore

Traditionally we have also used cellobags to supply our cards to shops in bundles of 6s or 12s. We are now phasing out our use of plastic for bundling cards and using bundle straps instead. Bundle straps are another product developed by Two Bad Mice!

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