Robin card



Robin card by Julian Williams

SKU: B39

Robin (Turdus migratorius)

Greeting card with coloured envelope featuring common visitors to the bird table

The cards and mugs in this series are ideal gifts and cards for bird lovers

TEXT written on the back of the card

Robin (Turdus migratorius)

Robins are bold opportunists that will follow us around the garden to cash in on insects and worms, they can become extremely tame and some will feed from the hand.  In medieval times it was popular to give birds human names as in Jack Daw and Jenny Wren.  Robin, was originally a diminutive of Robert, other older names include Rudduck and Robinet.

There are many stories about how the Robin got a red Breast, one is that it was scorched whilst fetching water for the souls of purgatory.  Another legend has it that the Robin’s breast became stained red whilst it sang to ease Christ’s pain on the cross, but this is not the reason why the bird occurs on Christmas cards.   The birds became associated with Christmas cards grew up in Victorian times when the postman delivering the Christmas cards wore red jackets and were nicknamed Robins.



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