Runner Beans Large Mug



Runner Beans Large Mug


Fine Bone China: Height 8.5 cm  Width 9.0 cm  Capacity 400 ml

Dishwasher Safe

These large breakfast mugs are popular gifts for men

Julian’s Encyclopaedia of Animals and Plants with Crazy Names

Phaseolus coccineus,

Runner Beans are descended from wild small-podded plants that can still be found in the cool partially shaded high-altitude pine and oak forests of Guatemala and Mexico.

The wild varieties were domesticated over 2000 years ago by the indigenous peoples of Central America. In these cultures they were known as one of ‘the three sisters’ because the indigenous people grew it with maize which provided a pole for the vine and Squash which provided a natural water retentive mulch. The bean fixed nitrogen which provided the three sisters with fertile soil.


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