Spring Onions card



Spring Onions card by Julian Williams

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Spring Onions Allium fistulosum

In the middle ages it was a common practice to sow the seeds of the Common Onion (Allium cepa) in the Autumn and then to thin the shoots in the Spring. This early crop, which was harvested before the bulbs had fattened, was called “Spring Onions”. The modern varieties that are now available in all seasons come from non-bulbing species of onions that were originally grown in the Far East. Some people call them “Japanese Bunch Onions” others call them “Scallions”, after the name of a town in Israel where local gardeners grew bunch onions that they had imported from the China.

The word “Spring” first occurs in the 14th century when the English began to refer to Lent as “Springing time” because it is the season when plants are “springing” from the ground.

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