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Your place or Mine? by Anita Jeram

your place or mine card by anita Jeram


Unfortunately this card is not included for publication. Anita likes the title “Soul Mates”

Such a good selection of titles to choose from. We have short listed this for publication in the summer in which case kbwgully will become a winner. kbwgully please keep watching to see if we ever go ahead and use your title!

(10 X 5 stars + 5 X 4 Stars)

  • Please Say Yes
  • Lets Hop Together
  • All Ears
  • Snuggle Buns
  • Meeting of Minds
  • Hoppisites Attract
  • Fancy a Dance
  • Made for Each Other
  • Soul Mates

Your views on which title works best are appreciated. The contributions of ideas really does show how much we gain from these title competitions. So many original idea – so many of them good. We always ask Anita to choose, I have no idea which she will like best. Whats your opinion/

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