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Gifts for Dog Lovers

gifts for dog lovers by Anita jeram

Gifts for Dog Lovers

At Two Bad Mice we have many cards and gifts for dog lovers. 

dog lovers selection

Dogs are a great subject for humour.  Anita and Alison both get this. Greeting card for dog lover by Anita Jeram

It is often difficult to find a good gift or card for a man.  Often cards with dogs are man cards, for instance Anita Jeram’s Laid Back Kinda Guy is a good card for the man about the house.

M99 Laid Back Kinda Guy

If you are looking for a gift for a dog loving man then you should look at our large sized mugs;  NLM99 Laid Back Kinda Guy

Other large man mugs are “Ready to Go”

Ready to Go Mug
Ready To Go bone China Mug by Anita Jeram

and “Bee Happy”

GSM49 Bee Happy Gift Set by Anita Jeram

This medium sized mug is perhaps suitable for the ladies

COOKIES bone china mug
COOKIES bone china mug by Anita Jeram

and of course there is a lot of humour to be had out of the dog cat love hate relationship.

NSM Cats Rule OK – Small mug by Anita Jeram

This theme is beautifully exploited by Alison Friend

IA59 We’ll Blame it on the Cat reproduced from a watercolour by Alison Friend

Alison Friend has a lot of fun with dogs; she has them playing the piano.  And ideal card for a musician who loves dogs.
not being able to control the sheep

IA71 The Great Escape by Alison Friend

and retiring

IA11 Retirement Party by Alison Friend

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