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YouTube Channel

Today we have launched our You Tube Channel.  If you do not know about You Tube Channels this is all you need to know: It is possible for users and business to set up their own video libraries in You Tube.  Members of the Public can use this library and subscribe to be told when we add new videos are added to our collection.

At present we have one introductory video which is a light hearted look at how we how we run our quirky company.  There are already over 50 mini-videos which customers can use to view our products from all angles.  This example is 20 second video for the Laid Back Guy mug…

The Home Page of our You Tube Channel here

The Home Page has themed playlists; for instance you can find a list of all the videos that feature Cats.

We hope you will use the channel and give us “likes” and “subscribe”.